Why Me?

Why me? Was it something I did? Are mom and dad mad at me? It was probably my fault. These are some of the questions that you may be asking yourself right now. I’m going to give you the answers to all of them.

tball  Why me? Was it something I did?-  Divorce situations don’t just land on any particular person, when your parents got married, their intention was to stay together for life, since that didn’t work out, they got a divorce and you ended up being in the middle of it. So it is clearly not your fault if you were brought into a life situation without having a choice who your parents were going to be and what life was going to be like.  Nothing you did made your parents get a divorce.

tball   Are mom and dad mad at me?- NO! They have no reason to be. Sometimes some parents feel like it is the kid’s fault that they are in certain situations, some of them happen to be divorce and custody battles. This is why some kids and possibly you think that your parent’s divorce was your fault. Other times kids feel that it is their parents fault that they had a divorce. Even though they chose a bad decision it wasn’t all bad because now they have you. It is not reasonable for you to keep repeating faults to your parents because it just makes you bitter.

tball   Was it my fault?- Absolutely, positively not! Nothing in your parents divorce is your fault. Reread point 1 because it applies to this point too.