Irritating Step Parents

Irritating this, irritating that, the word alone makes you irritated! Annoying, disturbing, troublesome, exasperating, bothersome, whatever word you want to use is fine. Anyways the topic for this page is on irritating step parents. What I have found to be true is that some kids actually like their step parent even better than their biological mom or dad. Some kids just find the comfort they need in a step parent. However, there are a few of you right now that are wishing you didn’t even know the person. They aggravate you, get on your nerves, tell lies to you, you feel like they don’t like you, whatever it is, it is very, extremely, annoying. Problem solved.

1. Be as nice as you can, so nice that it gets on their nerves. I don’t care if you absolutely hate them, be nice. By doing this you are setting an example in their lives by being the mature one.

2. Maybe he/she really doesn’t like you, just like you really don’t like them. Guess what, you don’t have to be around them. Plan other activities for you to do such as have a sleepover, play with your friends, read a book, talk on the phone with your other parent that you’re not visiting, ask your parent that you are visiting if you two could doing something special together or just spend time with each other, there is a ton of things that you can do.

3. Act like you don’t even care when they do something irritating because if you do then it will just turn into a major fight and someone will start crying and everything will just be chaos. When they do do something irritating there is no sense in thinking or even caring about it. You’re having a nice day, don’t let them spoil it. Case closed.