I Got The Power!

Some kids that are reading this right now really take advantage of your parents. Yes, I know, you didn’t want to hear that but it’s true. When two parents get a divorce one, if not both parents want to spoil you and give you whatever you want so that you will like them and want to live with them. It might not be just gifts, there is a number of different ways a parent can persuade a child to want to live with them or like them. Some of these ways are bribery, letting you do whatever you want, and making their house a free for all and a no rules guaranteed.

Kids, your part in this is that you use your parents for whatever you can get. That’s why you have power over them. You can choose to follow that path and be spoiled rotten or you can live a life of honesty. If you chose to be honest and not to use your parents, then you can tell them that material possessions are not what makes you most happy and that you just want to spend time with them.