Going back and forth

One thing that I know every kid in a divorce situation can agree with is that the most irritating thing is to back and forth between your mom’s house and your dad’s house. It makes you feel like you’re a toy getting passed around. It also makes you feel like two people are fighting over you. Guess what, I’m not going to tell you that you can fix your parents relationship, because you can’t, but here are a few tips for you that can make visiting a little bit easier.

tball   You don’t have to answer any questions that make you feel uneasy
tball  You can talk to someone who you trust about your concerns and what it makes you feel like
tball  You should spend time bonding with your parent without the topic of the other parent coming up, this will result for a much more peaceful visit
tball  You should also avoid any other topics that will make your parent blow up. If you’re not the one that brought it up, respectfully tell your mom or dad that you don’t care to discuss that right now and start talking about something else.