Flaky Parents

Sometimes, some parents may act so flaky that you may wonder if they even care about you any more. It may make you feel sad when they are late to pick you up or when they cancel a visit with you so he or she can go out on a date with a new boyfriend or girlfriend, or how about when they are with you and all they do is talk about how horrible the other parent is, or they are always on the phone, basically just not spending time with you. It’s frustrating to every kid in a divorce situation, and it down right stinks! Well right about now you can get up and jump for joy because everything has a solution! HOORAY! The answer to this problem is to confront your parent and tell them exactly how you feel. I mean it, every last bit of hurt you have you need to talk about. If you have a parent who respects your feelings, he or she will not start making up excuses like ‘I have just been so busy’, ‘I just have a few other things on my mind right now’, or ‘you don’t know what I’m going through.’ You see, why they say these things is because they feel like it is your fault that they are in the middle of a custody case or divorce while you think it is their fault. There is one exception though, if you have an abusive parent in any way shape or form then I would advise you to let someone know how you are being treated, no matter how scared you are, always tell the truth. If you have an abusive parent I don’t want you to talk with them and share your feelings because this could end up in a bad situation with you getting hurt. You kids that are being abused need to find comfort in your other parent.

Those of you who have talked to your parent and they just don’t understand how you are feeling then talk to your other parent. I’m not saying that they can change each other, but maybe you just can’t look to the parent that doesn’t spend any time with you for emotional support or guidance. Remember that you didn’t do anything wrong and be grateful that you do have someone that will always love and care for you, whether it be one of your parents, a teacher, a youth group leader, a pastor, or God.