Chill Out Mom and Dad!

Chill out! Do you ever feel like screaming this at your mom or dad? Do you ever want to make your parents do something other than what they are doing {like when you get in trouble?} If so then you may be suffering from a very common illness called momanddaditis, this is when you get so irritated with your parents that it is unbearable. Just kidding, you are not suffering from any illness at all, in fact it’s normal to disagree with your parents sometimes. I’d be worried if you agreed with your parents all the time. Disagreeing with a family member doesn’t just happen in families with a divorce case, it is normal with all kinds of families.

If your parents need to chill out because they scream at each other or yell at you, I would not suggest to you to tell them to do so. I would simply go to your room and put some calming music on and try to take a nap or do something quietly for about an hour or so. After that hour, or when your parent is calm, try to discuss with them your feelings and be understanding of how they feel also. This will result in a much more peaceful, mature conversation.